The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet and the Secret of the Alchemists

The Emerald Tablet text alludes to a tightly-kept secret of the Alchemists. It is the secret of the transmutation of the most basal matter into the most refined, and I propose that this “refined matter” (the gold of the Alchemists) is the “soma” (essence of immortality) of the old Indian traditions, especially the Vedic tradition of ancient India.

Why secrecy?

The reason that the methods of the ancient Alchemists have at one point gone underground and have since been kept secret was because of the power of the churches that persecuted them. The churches were created by bigots, who distorted original teachings (for example, as was done at the Council of Nicea of 325 AD, where the nature of God was determined by a vote) and they fought amongst themselves bitterly. But they were all equally concerned that the infant science of Alchemy would put an end to ignorance and faith on which their power and wealth, and so their very existence, depended.

The Emerald Tablet

The parallels between the Emerald Tablet text and the inner Vedic teachings are obvious in the outer symbolism. The father Sun of the Emerald Tablet is “surya” of the Vedas, the mother moon is “chandra” and the wind – “vayu” – is a mediator of birth in the womb and the separation of earth (prithivi) from fire (agni) is the separation of the subtle from the crude, ascending from earth into the sky (akash) and descending back to earth. All this closely describes the elements of the Vedic sacrifice (yajña).

Vedic sacrifice

The Vedas describe something called the “vishkalan kriya”, a process whereby the element “earth” is taken from its base (at the base of the spinal column) and brought up to a 2nd level where it is sacrificed into the 1st fire (agni), burning off its crude part and leaving behind the more subtle essence called water (ap), which is taken up to the third level (at the navel) where the 2nd fire burns off the dross and releases a radiant substance which is taken to the 4th level there where the 3rd fire burns off the dross and releases the more subtle essence of airy (vayu), which is taken up to the 5th level (at the throat) where the 4th fire burns off the crude part and releases the finer, ethereal substance (akash) which is taken up to the sixth level at the rear part of the brain and sacrificed into the 5th fire through a secret process , which releases the “soma” – the essence of immortality – which is none other than the “gold” of the Alchemists. From “prithivi” to “soma.” From earth to gold. In the Vedas. On the Emerald Tablet.
A detailed description of this process will be provided in my next book, which is in the works.

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