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Virgin Birth

Nativity1WDid you know that Jesus is not the only virgin birth? In this article I will relate an oriental legend of virgin birth, with all it’s mysterious details.

A Paranormal Virgin Birth
A long time ago lived a poor young woman that nobody loved because she was barren. She lived alone in a hut deep in the forest because everyone in the village rejected her, including her own family. She would often sit leaning against a tall tree and cry her heart out because more than anything else she wanted a child. Her name was Sita.

One day the universal mother and father of creation were flying by and spotted the sad and dejected barren woman. The mother of creation was moved by this tragic life and asked her consort if they could intervene and give her a child.

“My dear taskmistress of the universe,” he said, “I am saddened for that poor maiden in the forest but the order in the universe is based on strict laws and if we were to break them it would introduce an element of chaos, which is not permissible. Yes, our function is to create, but only under law. I’m sorry but there is nothing we can do. The poor woman must remain childless.” And the father and mother of creation flew on.

At the outer reaches of the forest, in a hidden cave on the side of a snow-capped peak lived a highly evolved being. He was nourished by the mountain air and would spend much of his time in his cave. Only occasionally would he come down into the forest to gather fire-wood for the perpetually-burning “duni” fire-pit he maintained in his cave. His name was Ram.

One day, while gathering wood in the forest, Ram came upon the barren woman. He observed her profound sadness, and it moved his heart. He asked her for some water and at first Sita was startled by this wild-looking man but when she looked into his eyes she saw great peace. Her fear dispelled, she brought him some water. Ram drank the refreshing spring water and asked her, “Why are you so sad, my dear child? What is your name and why are you living alone deep in the woods?”

“I am Sita,” she replied. “I have banished myself deep in this forest because I could not stand the shame of my barrenness in my village. I was rejected and fled here to suffer my fate alone in the silence of the forest. No, not silence, nor loneliness for I have the wind and the rain, the moon and the stars, and the creatures of the forest to keep me company. I also have the salty taste of my tears.”

“My dear child, you have suffered much and the tears burning in your eyes show me that there is much love in your heart,” said Ram.

Sita became confused, turned her head and wanted this stranger to go away and leave her alone.

“Dear Sita,” Ram said, “soon you will give birth to a child and your child will be the son of the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, and the stars, and you will grieve no more.”

Sita became confused and did not know what to do or say, so she said and did nothing.

Ram returned to his cave, his heart filled with compassion. That night he left his physical body parked in the cave in suspended animation and traveled in his spiritual body to the Sita’s hut. While she slept, he entered her with his supernatural body, forced an egg through the blocked passage of her fallopian tube into her womb and fertilized it by dimensionally shifting the supernatural homologue of his own sperm down to the gross physical level and making it penetrate her ova. Sita became pregnant and afraid and because there was no available soul to animate this embryo, Ram remained, with his own soul, in the fetus while his physical body was parked in suspended-animation in his cave.

In due course, Sita gave birth to a beautiful child. “This is miraculous,” she thought. “Now I am happy and fulfilled and soon will return to my village and raise my child.”

Once more the father and mother of the universe were flying over this section of creation when the universal mother spotted the familiar barren woman with a child in her arms. Ram, being the soul of this child, saw with his paranormal vision the universal mother and farther passing above and became extremely cute and attractive in his mannerisms. He caught the attention and interest of the universal mother, who told her consort that she wanted to hold this beautiful child in her arms. They flew down and approached proud Sita holding her child.

Sita was surprised by the visit of these majestic strangers and when the mother of the universe asked to hold the cute and cuddly baby in her arms, she gladly surrendered her baby to this goddess-like woman. Perhaps she is a queen, she thought.

When the baby was in the universal mother’s arms, Ram withdrew his soul from the baby and the mother of creation was left holding a lifeless body. The universal mother was immediately horrified and turned to hide this corpse from the beaming young mother. Ram’s soul immediately returned to his cave, re-animated his gross physical body and hurried back to the scene he had just orchestrated.

Ram approached the mother of the universe and said, “Oh Mother of Creation, what do you have there? A dead baby? What in heaven and earth have you done? You took this wonderful, innocent baby, so full of life, from this young mother and it now lies dead in your arms? You are the mother of life and in your hands lies death? Oh mother and father of the universe, you are the givers of life and have no right to take it away. What on heaven and earth have you done?”

Sita did not realize what was going on when the universal mother and father, realizing the gravity of the situation, resigned themselves to the seriousness of their predicament and gave the baby a soul. In an instant, the baby came to life and the mother of the universe returned the re-animated baby to Sita, blissful in her innocent joy. Though the balance sheet of life and death went out of order, chaos was not the result. The small discrepancy went unnoticed in the large accounting book of the souls of the universe and was resolved with a minor inventory adjustment.

Ram returned to his cave and Sita returned triumphantly to her village with her baby. The mother and father of the universe flew away confused, but resigned to allow one more soul life on earth as an exception to the rule.