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New revision update

Quick update on my novel “Highway of Spirits”

My book has just finished undergoing a *major* revision and has substantially changed. Before I promote it once more, I have submitted it for reviews and am awaiting the outcome. They should come out by early December, so please stay tuned . . .

Why a revision?

After extensive reviews of my second revision, I have taken into account relevant critiques and have applied them with the result being a third revision. I call it V3. The main differences are that the protagonist has more of a clear purpose, one of its sub-plots has been extended, some erotic scenes have been ‘toned down’ and the ending is significantly different. If you’ve read it already and would like to bring yourself up to speed on V3, download it (as the current version on all sites) and re-read Chapters 1 and 33. And above all … enjoy! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Highway of Spirits_cover_Aug21.indd