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Highway of Spirits’ genre

Highway of Spirits’ genre

At first I called it a Supernatural Thriller. Next it was a Paranormal Urban Fantasy. Now it’s an Odyssey, though it should be a Mystical Odyssey. But into which genre does it fit? Here is the hierarchy of genres that best describes its cross-genre character.

Visionary Fiction

Visionary to its core: probing the immense human potential in all spiritual/ mystical/ supernatural/ paranormal dimensions.

Mythological Fiction

With multiple scenes set in India and loads of references – philosophical and mythological – to ancient Indian philosophy & culture.

Fantasy/Paranormal Urban Fantasy

Exploring the vast magical mystical potential of daily life.

Magical Realism

Though much of its fantastic magic and mythical content is explained, mucho mystery remains.


Highway of Spirits is mythologically visionary, urbanly fantastic, magically real, or is not.

(my apologies to André Breton)