Blog entry Sept 7, 2016 My novel has just undergone its 3rd revision.

Blog entry Sept 7, 2016
My novel has just undergone its 3rd revision. Why? Some critics have pointed out that its protagonist, Jude Ryder, lacks a clear mission or goal, and that this may confuse the reader. The lack of a clear “mission” was purposely used as a postmodern device, but some critics seemed not to have picked this up. Perhaps this underscores that postmodern literature is a literary undercurrent rather than a major trend. “Lack of purpose” was its purpose, and the protagonist was supposed to discover his purpose throughout the series, but okay, I get it. I won’t split hairs (pardon the cliché). My book is supposed to be for the masses, so I changed it, and now my protagonist has a clear purpose. I will not spoil it for you here, but you can find this clear in the very first chapter, and this change is incorporated throughout the book. Yeah, my hero now knows what he wants, for sure. There are other changes too, like the ending – sorry, no spoilers here. I have also toned down some of the graphic erotic content. For some, they have proved to be an obstacle to get to the “essence” of the novel. The last thing I have changed is the sub-title. First it was a “Supernatural thriller”. Then it became “A paranormal urban fantasy,” and now it is “An odyssey”. Also, it’s has changed from “Fantasy” (SciFi/Fantasy>Fantasy>Paranormal Urban Fantasy) to Magical Realism (SciFi/Fantasy>Fantasy/Magical Realism). It could perhaps be an example of “New Weird” (with its horror elements) but having read several samples of that genre, it really isn’t. In the final analysis it’s kind of a mixed bag but I have had to pigeonhole it and so be it.
Will any of this change anything? Time will tell, and perhaps my friends will help me out by downloading it on (not Amazon.anything-else such as .ca or .es or .de etcetera.) and post a review so that it appears on the .com site, which is important to me. More to come, so please stay tuned . . .

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