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At the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Banaras, 1997

Born to a family of Baltic refugees in the Austrian Alps, Remi Peter Baronas was raised in Colombia and Canada. He studied the sciences at the University of Madrid and filmmaking in London and Paris. After several extended periods of living in India he returned to Canada, then to Bogotá, where he married and founded a pharmaceutical company with his wife. He returned, with his family, to Canada in 2000.

Just who is this Remi Peter who writes about arcane oriental magic, the beyond-death realm, immortality, goddess and gods, heaven and hell, miracles and mystical warfare?

It all began what seems like a couple of millions of years ago when I was a kid thinking to myself, “what if I had never been born?” Fast-forward a decade and I was a student of sciences at the University of Madrid feeling just as ignorant only much poorer. After my father’s new wife robbed his money, I switched gears and went to London/Paris to study filmmaking (the arts ever lurking in my blood) but my lack of funds truly knocked me down and out. Then the most important turning point in my life happened. Having already started to dabble in mystical arts in London and picking up rampart rumors of mystical riches lurking in India, I sold my fine classical guitar and traveled overland to India. Four extended sojourns in India totaling six years put me through the wringer of a variety of oriental muses and initiations in various traditions and after writing my first book, I returned to Canada where I acquired extensive marketing experience then moved to Colombia to marry and start a family and a business. Competing with the drug cartels was tough and after surviving a kidnapping attempt, I returned to Canada with my family. All the while writing. After many rejection slips from New York over the years, I recently published my first book as an Indie author.

My writings started out as a discipline of organizing my ideas because I always believed that unless you can put it in writing, you don’t have a proper grasp of the material. So in India, I wrote as I picked the minds of several “great ones” (see my blog for the meaning of “great ones”) and came to some interesting conclusions. That though on the surface, most spirituality/mysticism/religion – as much in the East as in the West – is a con game designed to entrap people in a lust for power and greed for money by keeping their followers in ignorance, in the ultimate analysis “truth cannot be change into falsehood” and true spirituality does exist. Having experienced such spiritual/mystical/paranormal reality *without* drugs, I am now proposing not only that it is available for anyone to experience, but is also amenable to intellectual understanding.

The demystification of the arcane labyrinth of mysticism is a running theme throughout my current and in-progress novels, but my main objective is to strip the manipulative religious justifications of ‘false war’ – waged in blood and guts – and show that their original intention was the waging of ‘true war’ – fought against the darkest enemies of the soul.

Highway of Spirits is my first novel, and is a magical realistic / visionary fictional account based on my experiences in India.

I reside in Vancouver, Canada.



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