Mt Kailash

Jude Ryder – a young student of filmmaking turned drug smuggler on the lam in India – thinks that initiation into the deepest secrets of arcane science by Himalayan yogis is a romantic odyssey as he interacts with mythical beings in otherworldly realms, learns about ‘true war’ and receives hints of a mystical nuke, which becomes his obsession. When paranormal terrorism drives his girlfriend mad and a bloodthirsty Kali cult embroils him in murder, Jude must battle terrifying supernatural adversaries while his heart seeks an ever elusive true love.


Back in his Los Angeles roots, Jude is thrown into the clutches of a powerful force that craves his secret knowledge in order to threaten the stability of the universe, and holds the key to the only weapon that can stop him. When he meets an angelic woman who is utterly beyond his grasp, Jude is caught between an unimaginable evil and an unattainable love. Now he must undergo not only the ultimate test of a mystical warrior, but prove his worthiness of true love.

Experience ‘Highway of Spirits’ –  road of the mystical warrior – a spellbinding mystery of murder and sacrifice, exotic love and seduction, paranormal terror and spiritual revelation, and the sacrifices necessary for a mystical warrior determined to attain redemption and find true love

Remi Peter Baronas’ introductory novel is the first in his ‘True War’ imaginative series of urban fantasy which combines actual events with supernatural.

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